2019 Tribune Staff

Camden Duffy, senior

In addition to writing for the Goodwell Tribune, Camden works for DE Cattle Co., where he spends most of his time running a grow-yard at Elkhart. In his spare time, he checks on stockers around the Goodwell-Guymon area.

Cale Halliburton, senior

Cale is a senior at Goodwell High School. It is his first year doing a school newspaper, and he thinks it’s been going alright so far. He also plays varsity football, basketball, and track. He’s a big fan of video games (Xbox, not Playstation) and movies.

Katelyn Ross, senior

During basketball season, Kate plays on the JV team and keeps the bench warm during the varsity games. After high school, she plans to attend Oklahoma Baptist Univ., where she wants to pursue a nursing degree and become an NICU nurse. She also plans on owning several million dogs.

Gabe Medina, junior

Gabriel is very athletic for someone his size. He is very fast and strong. He's also kind, thoughtful, and selfless. He works hard and has a great deal of determination. He's also funny and is known for always being in a good mood.

Arturo Lozano, sophomore

Arturo likes to play video games and watch television with his family. He also likes to play outside with his little sister and with his dogs, as well as watching YouTube.

Blaine Powell, sophomore

Blaine likes to lift weights at school. He doesn’t play sports because he is trying to keep his grades up. After school he plays does his chores and plays video games. His favorite is Clash of Clans.

Kha Phan, sophomore

Reatta Conway, freshman